The Evolution of Security in Global Trade: Great partners, Innovative technology and Smart practices

Cancun, Quintana Roo

May 11th to 13th, 2016

International event organized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT by its acronym in Spanish) in coordination with the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The Global Conference is organized biannually and Mexico was selected to host its next edition.

Access to the conference and workshops is completely FREE.

What is an AEO


The 3rd Global AEO Conference provides unique opportunity for all those interested to learn about successful AEO implementation across the world, to examine challenges of today as well as Exchange views on opportunities ahead for AEO on national, regional and global level.

Promote and analyze the challenges and opportunities of the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) in order to facilitate international trade and provide security to the supply chain as well share experiences and best practices contributing to an efficient and successful development, implementation and execution of the program.


Representatives from the 180 member countries of the WCO, as well as high-level officials of government agencies with authority and/or responsibility at borders, leaders in the private sector, experts in foreign trade and AEO certified companies.

Why attend

LEARN about the successes and challenges of Customs administrations, other border agencies and private sector, in particular small to medium size enterprises, in their efforts to implement an AEO programme, focusing on enhancing cooperation and partnership between Customs, the private sector and the other key stakeholders, fostering global public/private dialogue. Learn how Customs and other border agencies are coordinating efforts to facilitate trade. Hear from Small to Medium Size Enterprises as they share experiences on this important topic.

HEAR from leading experts on their experiences of implementing AEO and other WCO tools and instruments. The second day will include a variety of workshops that allow all participants to select topics of particular interest to them such as Single Window, Revised Kyoto Convention, Risk Management, an actual live demonstration of a 7 Point Container inspection, etc. There is something for everyone.

UNDERSTAND the current international trade challenges, the control protocols around the world that have become more visible, the need to involve all stakeholders and operators in a single goal in the context of trade facilitation. The establishment and maintenance of standards is essential, especially with the aim of securing the supply chain. This event will be a guide that will support the preparation of companies for the dynamic and changing international business environment, being more competitive globally.

NETWORK with an outstanding array of international leaders from Government and Multilateral Policymakers, Senior International Logistics executives, Trade Compliance and Supply-Chain Managers, Corporate and Trade Organization Executives, Supply-Chain IT Providers, Legal Advisors, Academics and Economists in a world-famous and strategically vital location.


Amongst the topics to be addressed during the Conference are the current perspective of AEO’s, Security breaches within the supply chain, Regional Cooperation in trade facilitation, results, obstacles and challenges of AEO programs as well as Mutual Recognition Arrangements.

Registration and Visas


Cancun, Quintana Roo

Resting on the northeastern corner of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo lies Cancun, part of the ancient Mayan civilization and is considered most important gateway to the Mayan Civilization World. Cancun owns the distinction of being the main Caribbean destination with greatest infrastructure, modern amenities and philosophy service to rival leisure destinations worldwide. Unlike many other parts of the Caribbean and Mexico, Cancun was built for tourism, and continues to meet the needs of its over 3.3 million annual visitors.


When arriving to the International Airport of Cancun, after Immigration and Customs control, you will find an information desk which will provide you with details on the Third Global AEO Conference. You can identify the location of the information desks by banners displaying the logos of the event, staff will assist you regarding shuttle services to the venue hotels as well as any additional information you might require.


Telephone: 58 02 00 00 ext. 43480

Sponsors obtained by the WCO

Korea Customs Service


  • Transportation for all participants will be provided from the Airport to the venue hotels. Transportation itineraries will be published within the next few days.
  • Transport services between the international airport and venue hotels (JW Marriott and CasaMagna) will operate from May 10th to 14th.
  • We ask you to share with us your flight itineraries in order to program transportation schedules.