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The income that you obtain fiscally receives a treatment similar to the Regime of Revenues by Wages and in general by the provision of a subordinate personal service, reason why most of the dispositions that regulate this regime are applicable to you. Here you will find information on how to fulfill the obligations of the regime. 

Salaries income scheme and in general for the provision of a subordinated personal service.

Tax Cycle  

The first thing to do as an employee, is to register with the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC). 

This process can be performed by yourself or by your employer. To do so, you must have your Single Population Registry Key (CURP), fiscal address and answer the questionnaire of economic activities and obligations. 

How to register yourself: 
Select the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC). Option. The registration should be done with your Single Population Registry Key (CURP). 

In some cases, you must file statements about the income you have earned. 
How the Annual Statement is generated: Select Statements; Annual: Individuals: DeclaraSAT or employees. 

Your data in the RFC must be updated. It is necessary to inform SAT any changes; For example: if you stop working as an employee to work by professional income; you are leasing real estate; you run a business, among others. 

How to report any changes in the tax status quo? 
Notices of the RFC that are to be presented in the SAT’s Website 

Application for authorization or notice to carry out a subsequent merger.
Notice of an opening retailer and in general any domicile that would be used for business activities. 
Notice of updating economic activities and obligations. 
Notice of closing retailers and in general any domicile used for business activities.
Notice of activities suspension.
Notice of activities resuming.
Notice of beginning about commercial insolvency proceeding.
Request for Key Validation in the RFC.
Notice of activities suspension of corporations.
Notice presented by the fiduciary and the trusts in the RFC referred to in Article 74 of the VAT Regulation.

Notices of the RFC to be presented in the SAT’s offices 

Application of a residence proof  for tax purposes.
Notice of suspension or resuming for employee activities.
Notice of name changing or company name.
Notice of correction or change of name.
Notice of change of capital regime.
Notice of succession opening.
Notice of cancellation in the RFC for total cessation of operations.
Notice of cancellation in the RFC by total liquidation of assets.
Notice of cancellation in the RFC by death.
Notice of cancellation in the RFC by liquidation of the succession.
Notice of beginning of liquidation or change of legal residence.
Notice of cancellation in the RFC by merger of companies.
Request for proof of registration to the register of alcoholic taxpayers in the RFC.
Request for verification of the key in the RFC of account holders of financial institutions and cooperative             savings and loan societies.
Clarification to the application for enrollment in the RFC.
Notice of change of address or opening of a place where alcoholic beverages are manufactured,                         produced, packaged or stored.

Notices in the RFC that are presented both in the portal and in the offices of the SAT

Notice of change of tax domicile through the SAT Portal or in its offices.
Request of verification of address for tax purposes. 
Key reference in the RFC to determine the exempt subjects of VAT.
Suspension in the Importers 'Register or Sector Exporters' Register.
Notices in the Fiscal Incorporation Regime
Notice of acquisition of negotiation.

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