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embarcaciones_agente_inglesRequest for temporary import permit using the services of a custom’s agent
Who and how do they do it?
The organizer presents a notice, before the Central Administration of Customs’ Operation who depends on the General Administration of Customs, prior to the celebration or sports competition, for which it is necessary to request a temporary import permit through a custom’s agent.

Should you need a custom’s agent, please contact one at the Confederation of Asociations of Customs Agents of the Mexican Republic at the telephone: 01 (55) 33 00 75 00 (Mexico City) or visit the web site:

You can also contact the Confederación Latinoamericana de Agentes Aduanales (Latin-American Confederation of Customs Agents), at the telephone: 01 (55) 11 07 85 15 (Mexico City), 01 (800) 702 04 22 (in Mexico), or visit the web site:

What kind of vessels and equipment can be temporarily imported through this procedure?
Recreational and sport boats, boats, yacht or sailboats of more than four meters and a half of length overall, including the tows for their transportation intended for competitions and sport events.

Temporary importation of water sports’ gear and equipment needed for competitions and sport events named regatta.
It is considered as water sports’ gear and equipment the merchandise necessary to participate in a regatta and to return the vessels to their country of origin; cruise sails, inflatable rafts, small outboard motors, empty bottles for fuel, canvas covers, boarding ladders, surfboards, coolers, cords to dock, trophies and commemorative objects, as well as the clothes and personal items of the competitors, among other things.

Those who temporarily imported the aforementioned items by land and that will be returning the vessels that participated in the regatta to their country of origin by sea, may choose the following procedure:

  1. The Mexican Sailing Federation or the regatta organizer can perform the procedures for temporary importation and return of the water sports’ gear and equipment needed through a representative whose personality is proved by written issued by the Federation or the organizer, as the case may be.

  2. Procedure of temporary importation: the person named as the representative should present – at the custom’s loading area from which the temporary importation of the gear and equipment is being made- using the form “Request for authorization for temporary importation” that is included in the Attachment I of the General Rules on Foreign Trade, attached the written mentioned on point number 1, as well as a free text format where the parties agree to return the property at the end of the competition or at maximum fifteen days after such end of competition; also, it must be stated that: the gear and equipment will be exclusively used in the regatta and for returning such vessels, and for no reason they will be subject to any act of commerce within the national territory; the general information of the representative named to proceed with the importation and return of the merchandise, name, start date, ending date and itinerary of the event; data of the boat where the gear and equipment will be returned to their country of origin; a list with description and quantity; the exit customs office which will be the one that corresponds to the territory where the regatta ends; the data that identifies the vehicles which will be transported, which should not be more than five per event and must be imported by a temporary permit of importation of vessel issued by Banjercito.

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