Information for border residents

Adults, who are resident on the border area or region, may import the goods for personal consumption, provided they comply with the following:

Residentes fronterizos Residentes fronterizos

People traveling to the rest of the country, will no longer be subject to inspection from April 1st. This regulation is not applicable for flights arriving from other airports or terminals.

Passengers, baggage and cargo, departing from airports or terminals located in the border region area or bus.

I. The value of the goods should not exceed US$ 150 daily.

II. When you enter the country in your vehicle with more than two persons on it, the value of all the goods entering should not exceed US$ 400.

III. Under this franchise you cannot enter the following goods:

a) Alcoholic beverages.

b) Beer.

c) Cigars.

d) Automotive fuel, except that contained in the fuel tank of your vehicle.

IV. Proof, in case customs authority require: be over 21 years old and to be residence in those areas, certifying via an official identification.

As a border resident you may import beer, alcoholic beverages and cigars, without requiring the services of customs agent or representative, if and when:

I. The value of such goods does not exceed US$ 50.

II. The taxes are paid using the form "Payment of contributions to foreign trade" or "Format payment of federal contributions," according to the following table:

Alcoholic beverages and beer with an alcohol content of up to 14° GL.
Alcoholic beverages and beer with alcohol content more than 14° GL and 20° G.L.
Alcoholic beverages and beer with an alcohol content of more than 20° GL.
Cigars and tobaccos
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