Are you moving from one country to another?

The household goods that can be imported free of taxes on foreign trade comprehends the following used goods:

  • House’s furniture, household for the exclusive use of a family, clothes, books, bookshelves.
¿Te mudarás de un país a otro? ¿Te mudarás de un país a otro?

  • Art or science works that do not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions and art galleries.​

  • Scientific instruments for professionals, workers and artisans tools that are essential for the developing of the profession, trade or occupation of the applicant.

  • Scientific instruments and tools that entitled to the exemption cannot be considered as for the installation of laboratories, offices and workshops.

Those interested in the household goods free of taxes, must prove that the household goods were purchased six months before they intend to be imported to Mexico.

People who can import their household goods without payment of taxes on foreign trade are the following:

The household goods can be made within three months prior to the entrance of the applicants to the country or thier departure, within six months after the date on which they have arrived or left.


The following goods are not considered part of the household:​

  • ​Goods that applicants have had abroad for commercial or industrial activities.

  • Vehicles.​

Legal basis: Articles 61 fractions VII and VIII, and 142 of the Customs Act, sections 100, 101 and 104 of the Rules of the Customs Law, Rule 3.3.3 of the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2015.

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